Radiant Logistics, Inc. (NYSE American: RLGT) is a publicly traded, non-asset-based global transportation and supply chain management company. Through organic growth and the strategic acquisition of best-of-breed shipping and logistics providers, Radiant has developed into a global network trusted and depended on by both our customers and partners.

About Radiant

In October 2005, Radiant Logistics was created with the goal of partnering with logistics entrepreneurs to build a unique and comprehensive transportation and logistics-service offering. From the beginning, we have consistently focused on bringing value to the agent-based forwarding community. We’ve leveraged our status as a public company to enable our strategic operating partners to be equity owners in our business, thereby providing them real incentive to create value. We also offer a unique succession planning and liquidity opportunity for our station owners and, of course, provide a robust platform from which we support our end customers. As we continue to grow, our network participants benefit from our increasing purchasing power, expanding network of global trading partners, and ongoing investment in technology.

Today, Radiant Logistics, our strategic operating partners, and our carriers comprise more than 100 operating locations worldwide and provide a broad range of services in an array of industries—everything from supplying white-glove delivery services to the retail sector to transporting heavy machinery around the world.

A Network Customers Trust

Our network is built on transparency, accountability, and reliability—key parts of Radiant’s relationships with our customers. Radiant’s technology-centric solutions, like our shipment-tracking tools, keep our processes transparent and accountable so that our customers can know exactly where their products are at any moment—and so that we can keep our promise of delivering top-notch service every time.

Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Radiant Logistics Partners, LLC—an affiliate of Radiant Logistics—is certified as a Native American-owned Minority Business Enterprise by the National Minority Supplier Development Council and is a member of regional councils throughout the United States.

Radiant Logistics Partners provides specialized shipping and supply chain solutions that support the diversity initiatives of government entities and corporations worldwide. We can support minority business enterprise services through our partnership with Radiant Logistics Partners.


Radiant Logistics and its subsidiaries adhere to the following documentation, which governs our corporate status, ethics, and business practices.

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  • Audit and Executive Oversight Committee Charter
  • Code of Ethics
  • Corporate Governance Principles
  • CTPAT Statement